What does Fortitude mean for us?

FORTITUDE was founded from the beauty of overcoming life battles, and the struggle it takes to be strong enough to win those battles. FORTITUDE is coming out the other side, and being better for it!!! So... tip toe if you must, but take the step!! Be courageous, have strength, wear FORTITUDE.

Multimedia collage


Lowkey is the brain child of our youngest son, Franky Pex. From the... 

Garage Sale

Most items will be samples of items that we decided not sell.... 

  • Lowkey

    Our gorgeous niece Isabella wearing the latest Lowkey crew neck!

  • Sestra

    Classy, Boujee and Businessy!

    The beautiful Jadey Girl wearing the JD dress.

  • Kayvee

    The Kristle Crochet Crop is an essential for all the ladies. Worn by our lovely niece Jadey.