About Us

We are building this company around our family. They are the reason for every decision we make, and are the backbone of our past, present and future.

The kids are our main inspiration for this business, and each of them will try to bring their own style of clothing and flare to the company.


Meniatoria Tupaea

Menia is our oldest and bossiest daughter. She lives in Auckland with her soon to be husband Alex and their own little tribe of 3.  Her clothing line will be called SESTRA, and it will be clothes that are comfortable but still make you feel beautiful at the same time. This is so important for a mother of 3, especially when you are working and trying to look after a family like she does. It will cater for most size ranges and will hopefully have something that will appeal to most women.

 Kevana Stevens

Kevy is our second oldest child, and is the inspiration behind the "KAYVEE" line. Her and her partner Hayden are living in Wellington, while she does her business degree and Hayden is scaffolding. Yes free book keeping one day!!! She works 2 part time jobs and studies full time at Victoria. She has the best work ethic and has always done everything she can to reach her goals. The Kayvee line will be mainly dresses and elegant girly girl clothing. Lacey, embroidered pieces that invoke the inner fashionista in everyone. 

Hunter & Jesse-Joe Stevens

Hunter and Jesse-Joe are like twins even though they were born 2 years apart. They are so good at getting each other in and out of trouble. Haha...They have the biggest hearts out of all my children, and will always go out of their way for the people that they love. Hunter gave Jesse-Joe her nickname darling when she was born, and to this day everyone still calls her that. Hunter is working full-time in the Logging industry, and Daarling will be sitting year 11 by correspondence.

Hunter is the creator of the Skarooni label. This label has a strong street-wear focus and will appeal to both boys and girls. It's actually our main inspiration for the business, because of how much these 2 love this style. Daarlings line has no name yet, but will be a mix of street-wear like Skarooni, and girly girl clothes like the Kayvee label. Like most women, her style changes with her moods.

 Forde-Capri Tuapawa

Fordy is our niece. She is still at Gisborne Girls High School and works part time at McDonalds. 2020 will be her last year at school, and then she will hopefully go to Auckland to follow her passion to be a flight attendant. Her line will be mainly tracksuits and sportswear. Although this could change over time as she is so busy between school and work that she hasn't really confirmed what she wants her line to be.

 Frank Stevens
Franky Pex is the baby of the family. He will be starting his first year at intermediate in 2020. We will start a childrens line when he is ready. He may be the youngest, but he definitely has one of the biggest personalities, and he doesn't let his older siblings boss him around without having something to say about it.
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